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Sports Charter

If your sports team is travelling to Turkey and you need everyone to focus on the game only, surprise your team members by booking a private jet for them. Air Charter Turkey is committed to transfer your team safely to different destinations in Turkey. Our sports charter flights operate all throughout the country and we can offer your players and non-playing staffs an unrivalled experience of flying high over the Turkish cities, towns and picturesque landscapes. Your team will gain the impetus for playing well on field because we can provide them with all the exclusive amenities and the highest level of comfort during when they fly to Turkey and different places within the Turkish borders.


Forget the Jet Lag, Forget the Hassles

Flight delays, bothersome co-passengers, oily and spicy food substances, lack of privacy, lack of space for team meeting and one-on-one conversation affect on-field performance of the players who need to travel to other places for away games and big tournaments. Our body’s natural circadian rhythm is greatly disrupted during long jet trips, most importantly. Jetlag is the main villain behind lacklustre performance of many sportspersons and sports teams in away games and you know it better than anyone if you are the manager or official of a team or you are a sportsperson yourself. Our premier sports charter services can help you do away with the unnecessary concerns about jetlag and other issues that come coupled with air tickets of different passenger airlines. Forget the jet lag, forget the associated hassles. Just concentrate in your next game, your peaceful and hassle-free transportation is our responsibility.


How Sportspersons Should Fly?

Frequent long-distance travelling is a reality in modern day games and sports scenario. It has been found that over 80% of athletes suffer from jet lag related health disorders and discomfort. They feel disoriented fatigued. This happens mainly to athletes travelling between different time zones as their sleep pattern and timing gets changed all of a sudden and the body takes some time to get with it. Sportspersons should sit and sleep comfortably, eat light food, drink plenty of water and listen to light music to avoid jet lag. We can ensure all of the above-mentioned to ensure a peaceful and comfortable journey for your players.


What We Provide

Air Charter Turkey have abroad understanding of prearranging charter flights for sports teams touring Turkey. We cater to the sports teams who look for hotel to stadium/practice ground transport and back. We are serviceable in various capacities.


All Team Sizes Catered For

  • Small team charters for individual sports team members and officials
  • VIP air charter for top officials and delegates (standard business-class facilities available)
  • Mid-size and large private jets for larger squads, such as football teams travelling to Turkey
  • Large private jets for supporters


Match Winning Air Charter Services

At Air Charter Turkey, we go to any extent to ensure that the players and their officials who avail our services reach their destinations safely and peacefully.  You can use our website to pre-book a flight of any size and type (subject to availability at the time of booking) and we can make all the necessary arrangements to warm welcome your team at the airport.

  • Just make a call, talk to our flight booking officials and reserve a private jet for your team members, officials or supporters.
  • One account manager will be there to assist you round the clock
  • We source aircrafts of all types from across Turkey to serve you better


Focus on the Game Right from the Beginning

We do everything necessary and under our discretion to make sure that the sports teams that take our chartered flights to travel to places in Turkey can only concentrate in their matches. You can concentrate in your game right from the moment you get on any of our aircrafts as everything else is taken care of  min a professional manner. We give you the edge over your competitor on-field by taking in-city transportation to the next level.

  • We will use the nearest airport/airstrip to your sporting venue or the hotel that has been booked for your team.
  • Service delay may happen only in unforeseen circumstances such as unusually ruinous natural calamities
  • Flexible services so that you can stay on-field as long as you wish.


Why Choose Air Charter Turkey?

Why should you trust Air Charter Turkey when it comes to booking a private sports charter for your team? This is because we have an extensive knowledge about specific requirements of the sports teams and their personal choices. Sports charter flights are way different from the business class-flights or flights that are specifically meant for leisure tourists. Travelling by any of those aircrafts exclusively meant for sportspersons you can enjoy the following benefits

  • Lie-flat seats that will allow your players and team officials to lean back and sleep by adjusting the angular distance of the backrest and the seat.
  • Specious cabin ensuring that your team members can easily move around and if needed, do some free hands.
  • Choose your own meal (Athlete’s meals are usually served onboard)
  • In-flight attendants to take care of your littlest requirements and onboard messieurs available on demand.
  • Dedicated check-in and check-out points for your team.
  • Non-stop flights to Turkish cities and sports venues.
  • Lenient baggage size and weight regulations.
  • Additional travel tips and guidance.

Visit our website or make us a call to know more about sports charter flights that we offer.

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