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Passengers’ safety being our prime concern, we make sure that our private jet passengers enjoy a safe and comfortable flight to their desirable destinations. Over the years Air Charter Turkey has been successful in providing the best of services to the clients and ensures to continue the same, thereby making your journey to the different cities of Turkey a safe one. We suggest our passengers to remain behind the fence until:

  • Propellers have stopped spinning
  • External lights are actually off
  • Cabin door is left open
  • Don’t walk beneath the wing
  • Kids must be accompanied
  • Do not run near a private jet
  • Be couscous when the engine exhaust and also metal devices will be hot
  • No smoking while near the aircraft or on tarmac


However, when the aircraft is ready to take off or arrive, we make sure that the other vehicles that are driven on tarmac:

  • Should not exceed 10kph speed limit
  • Must remain wings length away from aircraft
  • The vehicle should not be turned towards aircraft

Though our jets can drop you in the places where scheduled flights are not available, the landing can be difficult. All our skilled pilots make sure to follow all our instructions thoroughly, particularly when they are flying the aircraft at night. In order to ensure safety at night and allow the pilot to operate the aircraft properly without their vision being impaired, we ensure that the below mentioned points are followed:

  • The vehicle headlights must be on low beam
  • Emergency and white lights should be off
  • Vehicle hazard lights must be used at night

Being one of the most reputed private jet leasing companies, we make sure that all our aircrafts comply with the recent quality standards. Hence, you can rest assured regarding the safety standards of the various jet models we grant.

Before granting a jet to our clients, we ensure to conduct a detailed investigation. Though, we are aware about our clients’ safety, you too need to be enough attentive during the flight:

  • Always learn the flight crew safety video demonstration
  • Read on the safety briefing card
  • Find out the emergency exit and you can ask the crew about how to open the gate.
  • Make sure to keep your seatbelt fastened, in order to protect yourself from any sort of minor or major injury
  • The overhead storage bin should be kept free of heavy materials. If it suddenly falls off it can cause severe injuries.
  • Avoid drinking excessive water

With the years of experience of the management team and a sound understanding of the safety in aircraft, Air Charter Turkey evaluates a great deal to ensure the jets’ safety. We not only subscribe to a specific method or an approval, but also an evaluation of varied information sources.

We are one of the most renowned companies in this business and retain as one of the best industry professionals and has superior work ambience. Having a history of profitability and great success, we reward with the greatest level of service in this industry.


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Passengers’ safety being our prime concern, we make sure that our private jet passengers enjoy a safe and comfortable flight to their desirable destinations. Over the years Air Charter Turkey…

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