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Private Jet Charter

Flying over the crazy crowd of cars clogging the city streets evokes a sense of freedom that the rush hour traffic robs the commuters off every day. Taking a flight is not just the way to avoid getting impatient and frustrated on the way to and from work on a regular basis, but is also the mean to enjoy luxury at 30,000ft and above. The comfort magnifies into sybaritic lavishness when the chartered airplane is readied for private use only. Private jets are the best way to travel when you are en route to a holiday destination with your close ones.

Not only is it the best possible way to arrive quickly at a place, but flying in a private jet is the most superior means of journeying. A bizjet is engineered to transport small batches of people from one point to another safe and sound. Though these flights are used in emergency situations for urgent evacuations, they’re a popular medium of transport for those who rate comfort over money.  Wide body, extra cabin space, high speed and height capacity make the airplanes a wonderful ride for travelling to different cities within Turkey. We value your stipulations and try our very best to render you the experience that you’d expect and much more for the money spent.


Chartering a Private Jet Means:

Renting a private jet plane for travelling has its share of privileges and fringe benefits that make the expense look nominal. Thus, designating a private jet for a ride means:

  • You’ll reach the concerned place on time even when your schedule is maddening.
  • You’ll be able to board the plane from a private terminal that eliminates the confusion of sifting through the crowd in main terminals.
  • Private jet offers their passengers on-board the highest possible comfort all throughout the duration of travel.
  • World-class dishes prepared by culinary demigods are served during the flight with unlimited servings of the finest wines.
  • Jet planes travel to obscure or poorly serviced locales where flight access is prohibited as it requires small airfields for landing.
  • You’ll be served by airhostesses and stewards who care to give you the best experience from the moment you embark on the plane to when you alight.


Some Accessory Facilities for Business Travelers

For business-class travelers, the private jets are nothing less than a deluxe saloon car with some improved versions of accoutrements. For business executives, we offer the following extras:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity for computer and hand-held device based internet operations
  • A wide range of best private jets and executive airliners of very light models for travelling
  • Both liquids and pets are allowed to board the flight when destination is domestic
  • Movie and music databases for entertainment between works
  • Satellite phone services
  • Faxing facilities
  • Lay-flat seats for overnight or long distance travelers

Though Wi-Fi facility in the airborne state is standard, the rest are advanced and can be enjoyed while flying with us.


In-Flight Entertainments

We value our relationship with the clients and hence, we try to keep them entertained throughout. Our in-flight entertainment options include a range of facilities that are generally pre-ordered.

  • A movie library containing a rich collection of blockbuster movies
  • A good-size display
  • Music requests can be made
  • Live entertainment can be asked onboard
  • Poker decks can be brought in if you have mates to play with
  • In-flight meals comprising scrumptious dish choices, such as steak, pizza, bagels, burgers, shrimps, pasta, salad, etc. with separate menus for organic and non-veg items.
  • Full bar aboard with a selection of wines
  • Soft drinks of different kinds are also offered
  • Snacks are served from time to time


Wind-Riding through the Treasures of Turkey

Our private jet services are available for both destination travels as well as touring through the most attractive locales of the country. Since, taking the road with its challenges is not always the best option as we understand, we offer to take you through heights giving you a clear picture of Turkey from above. In fact, most of our clients have openly admitted that touring Turkey through all its major cities by the airway is the best way to enjoy the scenic treasures of the touristic locations of the bi-continental country.

We cover all the major cities and their most attractive locations as we fly past them or hover at a distance. We conduct air charter tours to Istanbul, Izmir, Cappadocia, Antalya, Kusadasi and Ankara which are some of the finest and most requested travel destinations. However, to make your vacation more of your plan, we encourage you to create your own itinerary and hand it over to our pilot who’ll take it from there. Our private jets are mostly light and small which is why landing in small runways is never a problem. The prices of the tours are subjected to changes depending on the tour itinerary you decide to stick to.


Our Specialties

Our tours vary on the duration depending on what you’d like to cover and for long you want to be veering over a place. The tours that are days long, have halt arrangements in which passengers are dropped at respective city airports and given airport transfer services. They’re picked at the scheduled time for another air ride to another destination. Meals and entertainment options are provided throughout along with hotel accommodation.

Out flights are manned with personal crews who ensure that the luxury accommodation is well tailored to suit requirements peculiar to you. Fine dining, princely treatment, unparallel service and maximum comfort will make your journey through Turkey at an altitude worth every penny spent.

Book your jet today to reserve a kingly ride for you and your family at unbelievable prices. Our jets are some of the most competitively priced air vehicles offered for chartering in Turkey. Our services are available round the year except for days of bad weather and detrimental situations.

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