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Privacy Policy

We are committed to protect all our clients’ personal details. We ensure that our services are safe and offer great enjoyment to all our users. Keeping this in mind, Air Charter Turkey has created a privacy policy to draft what information we collect and the way it is utilized.

Our privacy policy outlines the below mentioned:

• Information that we store regarding our clients and how such details are used

• Non-disclosure policy of the personal details

• The time period the information will be stored

• Using of cookies on our website

• Gathering IP address

What are the various information Air Charter Turkey store about the clients and how such information is used

Areas of Air Charter Turkey site might have a sort of registration procedure. Any details that are provided can include your name, address, email address, phone number and some other contact details, if any. On providing such information, you are actually allowing us to offer you our services you have chosen.

When you are subscribed to one of the mailing lists, the mentioned details will then be used for the Should you subscribe to one of our mailing lists this information will be used for providing that particular service you have selected. Well, then you will also be provided with the choice to unsubscribe any time when suing the facilities on our website.

Air Charter Turkey can use your personal information from time to time in order to contact you.

Policy on Non-Disclosure of our Users’ Personal Details

Air Charter Turkey uses the details you have provided to allow us to deliver the services you have asked for. However, you can rest assured that your information will not be shared to third parties. If we require making use of your personal information for some other purpose apart from those you have subscribed, you will first be notified, so that you have the opportunity to withdraw or keep back your consent.

Air Charter Turkey would always make sure to keep your personal details extremely confidential except when the disclosure is actually required by law to any of the law enforcement agencies or to the government bodies.

How Long will it Take to Store Your Personal Information?

Your personal details will only be stored with us as long as it will be necessary to offer the services you have subscribed for. If you wish to delete or else update your personal information, it is suggested to contact us for requesting these changes.

Air Charter Turkey will follow the Data Protection Act, which will allow you to have a copy of details we have stored concerning you and also have corrected the inaccuracies. We may ask for an admin charge for such service and shall need an identity proof before releasing the information.

Using Cookies on Air Charter Turkey Website

Cookie is referred to as a data file that includes an identifier that will be offered by the website and also sent to your devices or your web browser. Such cookies can be stored by devices or web browser. Every site you browse through can offer your cookie.

Air Charter Turkey utilizes the cookies for collecting statistical data related to the visitors and the usage pattern. None of the personal details are stored inside the cookies.

Assembling Your IP Address

We use web server data to offer an analysis of all the services. While doing this, the server may collect and also store information related to the IP address. This address can be used in order to identify user’s location, the number of the visitors coming from varied locations and block the proper use of the services.

If you have queries regarding the privacy policy contact us.

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