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Helicopter Charter Turkey

Traffic jams are maddening. Long queue of cars is a common scene in Turkish metro cities such as Ankara or Istanbul. You can beat the serpentine queue and reach your destination without getting stuck in the traffic by flying high over the cityscape. Helicopter charter Turkey services can make your trip to Istanbul peaceful and hassle-free. Whether you are in Turkey with a touristic endeavor or you are here with a more serious purpose, chartering a helicopter is certainly the easiest way to travel even to the nooks and crannies of the country. Find details about private helicopter hire services here and get a chance to enjoy your tour de Turkey to the fullest.


Turkey helicopter tour – A lifetime experience

The main idea behind prearranged helicopter trip is not just about avoiding the traffic. A helicopter tour will help you to take a panoptical look at all the dateless relics of the empires that were a part of the city’s rich past and are now pitted against a typical 21st century milieu. It is a breathtaking experience to watch and take photos of the amaranthine relics of the three regnant dynasties: the Roman, the Byzantine and the Ottoman. The cultural nerve centre of Turkey serves as a unique ligature between the east and the west. Chartering a helicopter provides you with a chance to enjoy a panoptic view of Europe and Asia when you are flying over the Turkish landscape.


Fast, affordable and flexible helicopter hire services

We offer whirlybirds for private tours all across Turkey. Our choppers are all in perfect conditions and are piloted by highly experienced aviators. Our helicopter charter Turkey services are fast, affordable and flexible. Here below is what you get with hiring a helicopter for your private your through us.

  • Highly adaptive aircrafts that can land or take off from rooftop helipads and remote areas virtually inaccessible by other sorts of aircrafts or any other vehicle
  • Reach any location within Turkey with ease and comfortably
  • Most helicopter rides last for one hour at max whereas large helicopters can fly continuously for 2 hours.
  • Personal account managers during private helicopter trip to assist you in making changes in your itinerary and can also change the flight path to meet your special requirements.
  • Most competitive rates guaranteed


Helicopters for business travelers

If you have arrived in Turkey with a strictly professional purpose and you are looking for fast and affordable in-city transportation, chartering a helicopter is an ideal choice for you. You can reach Istanbul CBD or any other important city place within the country pretty fast. Our corporate helicopter hire services are tailored to suit the precise requirements of the corporate travelers. The corporate charter packages include the following:

  • Travel by helicopter and reach your meeting venue or office within an hour or less. Reach Istanbul CBD by elegantly avoiding the traffic.
  • Flexible air charter services ensuring hassle-free travelling to multiple places in and around Istanbul and other big cities such as Ankara or Izmir.
  • Arrange important business meetings on board and stay connected with your business partners and executives in office using the Wi-Fi connection onboard.

Our account managers on board will make it easier for you to make last minute changes in your air travel plan or schedule. On the other hand, all your requirements will be taken care of by our professional on-board managers.


Helicopters for leisure travelers

For leisure travelers, touring the entire length of breadth of a city or a country in private a helicopter has always been a stimulating idea. If you have ever craved for a fantastic helicopter ride in Turkey, we are here with our premium helicopter hire services to meet your high expectations. Touring the whole of Turkey in a private charter aircraft surely offers an experience like no other. Here below are few more exciting facts about our helicopter hire services for leisure tourists.

  • Affordable air charter services and unquestionably the most convenient way to tour around Turkey
  • A nice way to bid adieu to traffic jams and flight/train delays
  • Touching down at all the important hotels restaurants, bars as well as places of tourist interest.
  • Rapid air transfer to beach resorts, skiing or fishing destinations.
  • Special arrangement for small private parties onboard


Large fleet of civil helicopters

Some of the best civil helicopters take rest in our hangers when not in use. Our large fleet of helicopters feature whirlybirds of different models and make including the likes of MIL Mi-26, MD Explorer, Augusta Westland AW139, Bell Augusta BA609, Kazan Ansat, Robinson R44 Raven II, Kamov Ka-62, Kamov Ka-226 Sergei, ell 429, azan Mi-38 just to name a few.

Contact our team to know more about our helicopter charter Turkey services.

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Helicopter Charter Turkey

Traffic jams are maddening. Long queue of cars is a common scene in Turkish metro cities such as Ankara or Istanbul.

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