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Our VIP standard services come stapled with premium catering services for all our clients throughout their variable flying durations. Platters of delicacies are served to our esteemed clients at all times of the day to make their journey as much fun as is possible. Prepared by handpicked chefs and preferred providers for the specific airport locations, our menus always include global cuisines that serve to treat clients around the world. The dishes are prepared on the way and doled out freshly to the passengers. However, we are always flexible to certain requests, though delivery of the same is subject to availability and time period.


The Regulars

Typically, we arrange for fruit platters, varieties of pastries and stuffed donuts, and trays of club sandwiches for the guests. The regulars are chosen on the basis of their suitability and general appeal to originally diverse eaters. However, aside refrigerated foods, the galley also prepares hot items like sizzlers, kebabs and other meat-based dishes which are Turkish specialties. To give you a sample of the menu we serve on board, they include soups, salads, canapés, sea foods, Mediterranean vegetable-based dishes, Middle-Eastern and Oriental dishes and finally desserts, which are subject to variation.


The Chef’s Specials

As it has been our constant aim to provide you with the best, we present to you a number of special dishes that change every day. Some of our chef’s specials that are featured on the menu in turns are French baguette, blueberry muffins, plum crumble, homemade porridge (nutty/butter/honey/jelly/chocolate/coconut), duck liver gras with apple jelly dip, roasted parsnip soup, poached and smoked cod, salmon with baby leeks, tomato reductions and creamy potato mash, tart tatin on fresh vanilla-flavored ice-cream, cheesecake, British farmhouse cheese with grapes and home-baked cookies, etc.


Long Distance Courses

Our caterers are the purveyors of the most diverse and quality kinds of gastronomic delights. Responsible for highly reviewed restaurant services, they ensure a fine dining experience on the way with élan and confidence. The culinary background of the galley staff makes it possible for them to brew up fine drinks and cook grubs that treat different taste buds. For long distance travelers, our menus are quite extensive as we get the opportunity to serve you for an extensive timeframe. We serve gourmet meals at strategic intermissions that include small appetizers, breakfasts, lunch and dinner along with a choice of wines and champagne to accompany the fine foods.

As long distance flights take traveling for a lengthy timeframe, we ensure that it is pleasant by proffering mouthwatering foods and drinks to keep you occupied in digging and sipping. Value-added meals are offered for those seeking to exercise economy.


Your Wishes, Our Command

It is our whole-hearted objective to make sure that all your catering requests are met out satisfactorily. As time and availability of ingredients are our limitations, we make sure that our supplies are as much diversified and full as possible, with ideas retained from requests from our previous clients. We try to tailor our servings to your personal catering requirements as much as our sources and resources permit us. While we take meal orders on the basis of your preference, we also take some very special requests, such as preparing birthday cakes onboard. Though such occasions involve additional expense, we try our level best to make onboard celebrations cost-effective for you.


Sipping Along the Way

Flying with us has its benefits, as our clients have known while airborne on our deluxe private jets. All our aircrafts have an onboard wine cellar that hosts a fine collection of alcohol, vintage and usual, bought from breweries across the world. Wine and champagnes are normal with us, even for short-distance travelers. For children and teetotalers, we arrange for sweet tea, iced tea, flavored tea, a variety of coffee and a range of soft drinks. Soya drinks, low-fat milk, fresh fruit juices, etc., are our specialties for non-drinkers.


The Extras

We’ve tried and included some value-added services that can be considered an extension of our private jet catering services. We make arrangement for fresh and exotic flowers to delight the ladies on the way. International magazines, same day journals and English dailies are offered to the passengers. Laundry services are offered on the aircraft for soiled and dirty clothing. Al our culinary equipments are cleaned and readied for the next flight as we land.

Enjoy our top-quality catering service that has earned distinction rating from our valued clients and assessing associations.


Our VIP standard services come stapled with premium catering services for all our clients throughout their variable flying durations. Platters of delicacies are served to our…


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