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Cargo Charter

Transporting cargoes by air flight has always been an expensive means for most of the businessmen. However, now-a-days, efforts have been done to make air cargo charter a cost-effective mode to transport the loads easily. Our team of experts can transfer any type of air freight shipment such as, high value cargoes, oversized cargoes, urgent documents and dangerous materials at reasonable rates. With the help of our global network, we can arrange flights to different places without scheduled flights.


Workability of Air Flights

The air freight charter operators use their own aircrafts to carry both light and heavy cargoes to distant parts of the world, thereby making the transportation of goods easier for their clients. Companies requiring quick delivery of any products or perishable goods often use air cargo charter services. Moreover, the same is also used for personal needs as well. People who are migrating from a city/country to another, such services are really lucrative. Air shipment will not only ensure quick delivery of the cargoes, but will also cut down a whole lot of expenses.

Being one of the globally recognized names, we ensure you find the appropriate aircraft for you. Our experienced professionals are accessible 24×7 hours, offering flexible services for your charter requirements.


Why should You Hire Our Air Flights?

We have one of the best contacts ensuring the fastest transport of cargoes ever, to the place of our clients’ choice. All our clients are free to decide the time of the departure and rarely have to encounter delays. Our clients will no more have to queue at airports for long. However, if you have an expensive cargo to transfer, which is vulnerable to damage, our charter planes can carry your delicate object with special care in its belly, making the trip painless for you.

Also our air freight charters are used to carry the hazardous items that require to be separated from other cargoes and preserved at optimum condition. Moreover, our planes are also used to transport livestock. Professionals who work with us makes sure to provide the animals all those they require on the route, thereby transporting them as quickly as possible.

Apart from these, on availing our cargo charter services, the clients can bypass the airline procedure and so is able to fly to the destination sooner. And all these are done at affordable rates.

Our operators are well aware about the core process of the cargo charter flight and know where they will have to use leverage, so that you have a successful charter flight. Our planes are equipped with appropriate tools to deal with any issues that may take along the process. By using video conference, office mobile solutions, art technologies and other innovative programs, we ensure to streamline communications with our clients and the suppliers in the whole world.

Based in Turkey, we make sure to offer personalized services to our clients. We act as your broker coordinating everything that is related to the transportation of your cargoes. With us you will always be kept informed regarding the progress of the air shipment. We promise you to provide the ultimate solution for your cargo charter requirements.


When to Use Our Turkish Air Cargo Charter?

When you need:

  • Urgent transportation
  • Regions that need special aircraft permission
  • Shipment of must-go cargo whose delay can result in loss of material
  • Transportation of cargoes to region where there is no scheduled cargo flights.
  • Cargo Aircraft Only Shipments that need special shipment procedure
  • Special shipments
  • Many consolidated shipments that should be sent at a time

What can be Transported on Our Turkish Charter Flights?

  • Medical shipments such as, blood, organs and vaccines
  • Livestock
  • Varied valuable products like gold, precious stones etc;
  • Fresh goods
  • Perishable items
  • Some aid materials
  • Heavy or light shipments
  • Yachts, motor vehicles and cars
  • Historical artefacts
  • Transport of fragile items
  •  Dangerous substances transportation


Our Quality Management

Just like our services, we have a dynamic quality assurance system accompanying our safe air charters that undergoes continuous improvements, adjustments and constant reviews, in order to provide the utmost satisfaction to our clients.


What do We Require to Transport Your Cargoes?

In order to provide you with our quality services, we will require the following information:

  • The cargo size
  • Arrival time
  • Destination
  • If any special requirement

To avail our services call us today!

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