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Your vacation plans in Turkey can reach its potential with the help of efficient travel options. Whether you are planning a business trip, a solo getaway, or a group retreat; Turkish culture, traditions, architectural value, and historical significance can offer you happiest moments of your life. However, a complex and confusing travel plan can cut short your opportunities to enjoy everything this country has to offer. Travel experts focus on selecting chartered aircrafts to reach the destination in style and comfort. Our organization is recognized all over the world for offering high class air travel options to enthusiasts. We believe in offering options to our clients. This facility helps them to make informed decisions that suits them best and fulfils all their requirements.

Our Services

Among our numerous offerings and service packages, we have a large collection of private aircrafts that can match various requirements. We focus on understanding the desire and requirements of our clients before offering them any services. Our main purpose is to use creativity and practical sense in finding the most suitable service packages for our clients. Therefore, our services are different for every individual. Our care for clients is what makes us different from others and ascends us on the top of competition.


Our aircrafts are fashioned with high quality modern equipments. Therefore, your requirements for comfort and luxury would be satisfied in here. We have different types of aircrafts to support your needs and to create a comprehensive service package that is affordable for you. We maintain security of our aircrafts and take all preventive measures for your benefit.

Here Is A List Of Few Aircraft Types That We Offer Our Clients:

Piston Powered: These aircrafts are one of the basic air vehicles in our world. These machines are piston engine powered. We have single or twin engine based aircrafts. Most of our models are pressurized, but clients can check out our non-pressurized models as well. This particular aircraft can reach up to 200 MPH. Passenger capability of this aircraft is 5 to 7. Entertainment centers are deducted from these craft due to lack of space.

Small Turbo-Prop: This aircraft is designed to offer a sense of enjoyment and luxury at an affordable cost. This aircraft can reach the speed limit of 230 MPH. It is a small jet powered engine based craft. Its design and technological advancement renders it unaffected from weather problems. It can take more than 8 passengers at once, and its interior designs are astonishing for its size.

Medium Turbo: This aircraft is one of the most favorite travel options of business executives and small group travel enthusiasts. It can carry up to 12 passengers. And it is quite spacious. Passengers can stand up inside the pressurize craft to stretch their legs and enjoy conversations with other associates. Maximum speed of this air transporter is 275 MPH. We can arrange flight attendants for these crafts and increase the entertainment opportunity for our clients.

Large Turbo: Corporate executives, incentive tour planners love these types of aircrafts. These are pressurized crafts that can carry more than 30 passengers at once. It has enclosed lavatories and entertainment centers to make your trip a happy and exciting one. We, being one of the top charter air travel providers in Turkey, take pride in introducing this enticing aircraft to travel enthusiasts. Its high speed is 330 MPH, and it can negate a certain level of weather hazards.

Light Jet: Light jets are small aircrafts for business executives. These air vehicles are one of our proud possessions because of their versatility and interior features. This air travel option can fly at the speed of 500 MPH. These models are basically designed for business professionals. It has wireless Wi-Fi and business center facilities. Although it lacks enough space to stand up straight, however, it is equipped with enclosed lavatories.

Midsize Jet: These jets are famous for their style, interior decoration, flight speed, and technological efficiency. These models have stand up cabin and spacious structure for entertainment. Our organization can offer clients flight attendants to take care of their comfort requirements. This aircraft is capable enough to fly at the speed of 600 MPH. It can take more than 15 passengers without complicating the pressurized environment.

Heavy Corporate Jet: This aircraft is a two crew operation that can carry up to 20 people. It is the best travel option for small travel groups or business executives. Statistics prove that incentive tour planners are showing affinity towards this particular air craft. It has the speed to cross 650 MPH with ease. With luxurious accommodations, interior decorations, and flight attendants, this aircraft can offer you a satisfactory experience during your travel to Turkey.

Wide Body Airliners: These airlines are for large group travelers. It is spacious and has the capability to fly up to 525 MPH. We have various models of this aircraft type to match clients’ preference. These crafts can carry up to 300 passengers at once. It has bars, bedrooms, and offices with modern equipments and luxury features. We can arrange flight attendants for this aircraft and make sure that all your desires are matched.

These are few of the most popular aircraft types in our collection. We have various models of different types of air vehicles. With tailor made services and facilities, we can enhance your travel plans to a certain level where you would be able to enjoy very moment of your travel.


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