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Air Taxi

Are you dreaming to travel in luxury and style without getting involved in the crazing road traffic of Turkey? If “yes”, you can choose to avail air taxi services offered by Air Charter Turkey.

Air taxi is a radical air transport option that has enabled the smarter travellers to fly faster with comfort and convenience. We are one of the premier air taxi operators in Turkey offering affordably priced air transfer services between local and regional airports within the Turkish territory.

Also referred to as fly-on-demand, an air taxi provides you with a cost-effective means to travel from a particular suburban region to another within a short time period. At Air Charter Turkey, we have a fleet of different airplanes that help us offer high-class air taxis within Turkey. We assess your travel itinerary and evaluate your requirements to determine what type of airplane will suit your purpose. Our well-trained pilots and friendly cabin crew will contribute to gift you with comfortable air transfer services.

At Air Charter Turkey, we endeavour the best to meet your specific air transportation requirements. We offer our best efforts to ensure the best value possible. You can approach our company to acquire knowledge about the rates of air taxis. We will do our best to give you an estimate of the exact price for your trip.


Our Aim

At Air Charter Turkey, our air taxi services primarily focus on the safety of the people availing the services. We also ensure the comfort and convenience of our clients during the air journey. As one of the leading air taxi service providers in Turkey, we have appointed high-efficient professionals as our crew members who make use of the latest technologies to ensure point-to-point private flight to our clients.


We Guarantee Comfort and Convenience

We have specially designed our services to cater to the air travel requirements of the business travellers. The businessmen going to attend corporate events and crucial business meetings can avail our first-class air taxi services to enjoy an air transfer guaranteeing sophistication and convenience. Apart from the business travellers, private parties, large groups and families who are planning to attend grand occasions like film festivals, sporting events, opera or similar occasions can book our services. You can also reserve our air taxi services if your family members are planning to attend a wedding reception together. With Air Charter Turkey air taxi services at hand, you can relish the freedom and enjoy the comfort and luxury of private aviation for affordable prices.


Why is it better to Avail Air Taxi Services than Charter Plane Services?

Availing charter plane services prompts you to pay a fixed per hour charge for the airplane and the crew services. However, the air taxi service-providers generally charge according to seat-mile or have a fixed rate for travelling between specified airports. There are several other advantages that you can enjoy by booking air taxi services. Suppose, you have hired the air taxi services for attending an important corporate meeting, you can arrive at the meeting spot by avoiding post-traumatic stress and annoyance caused by road-traffic, parking lot jams, huge baggage check lines, jammed airport terminals and sluggishly-moving cues at security check points.


Why Choose Us as Your Air Taxi Service-provider?

Here are some of the major reasons behind why you should choose Air Charter Turkey as your air taxi service-provider:

  • We are one of the leading air taxi operators in Turkey. By availing our services, we enjoy a convenient ride from your preferred place in Turkey to the destination you want to visit within Turkey.
  • We use crowd-free airports strategically located in proximity to your preferred destination and save your time.
  • Our services offer you with the flexibility and freedom that normal airlines cannot provide you with.
  • You can avail our services for reasonable costs. Our services are more cost-effective than hiring a private jet.
  • We specialize in air taxi services and our crew members have an extensive knowledge and understanding of how the commercial aircrafts operate.
  • You can easily approach us for quotations.

You can give us a call to talk to our customer support professionals. Our customer care team is highly professional and they will solve all your queries regarding our air taxi services in Turkey.  You can also reach out to our company via email.


Our Fleet


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