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Air Ambulance

An air ambulance is an aircraft that is specially designed to be used for transportation of the patients who are critically ill and require immediate medical attention. Air ambulance services are usually hired by the people who fall ill or receive an accidental injury at a place far away from a medical centre or at a location where ground ambulance cannot reach easily due to climatic conditions or unique topographical features. If you are in Turkey and facing medical emergencies, you do not need to worry. You can avail our air ambulance services. We are a life-saving agency offering top-notch air ambulance services with the incredible support of our expert team of medical and paramedical professionals. At Air Charter Turkey, we always aim to ameliorate the quality of services we offer so that we can continue saving lives of more people meeting their medical emergencies wherever and whenever approached in Turkey.


Situations When You Need Air Ambulance Services In Turkey

Turkey, located at the intersection of Asia and Europe, has much to satiate a true traveller’s heart. The more you tour across the Mediterranean country, the more you realize that you have yet to travel and explore many things. Apart from the natural beauty, cosmopolitan delights and historical wonders, Turkey has many magical hideaways that are yet to be discovered. If you have ventured out to discover the undiscovered in Turkey and suddenly fall ill or undergo any kind of accident while exploring the outback places, you can call on us at Air Charter Turkey for air ambulance services.

Turkey also provides the ample scopes of engaging in an array of adventurous sports. While enjoying an adventurous paragliding experience or taking part in any other exciting but risky adventurous sports, if you suffer a serious accident in a remote Turkish location where ground ambulance cannot reach easily for medical assistance, you can reach out to our team and get our air ambulance services.

Also referred to as medical flight unit, an air ambulance is mostly used when the regular ambulances can be accessed, but the patient needs to be immediately transported to the nearest hospital or medical centre to alleviate critical illness. An air ambulance is beneficial when there is a circumstance demanding immediate transfer, evacuation and special kind of medical treatment in the air.


Detailing Our Air Ambulance Services

At Air Charter Turkey, we offer dedicated air ambulance services in Turkey. We offer our services to insurance companies, hospitals, other medical centres and uninsured individuals. Almost on a regular basis, we fly critical patients from Bodrum, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Dalaman.

Air Charter Turkey has a specialized team of medical practitioners, nurses and other paramedical professionals who have years of experience in medical evacuation. Our team is highly trained and has the ability to handle state-of-the-art medical devices. We work with many top providers of air ambulance in Turkey.

How We Work?

While offering air ambulance services, our expert medical group at Air Charter Turkey, acquires the medical reports from the treating organization. After that, the doctors in our team assess the medical condition of the patient and determine the most suitable time to transport the patient to a medical centre. Based on the physical status of the patient and the location where he needs to be transferred for treatment, decisions are taken about the type of aircraft to be used and the kind of medical facilities it should have. Do not worry, you provide you with the best air ambulance services for the most competitive costs.


Our Air Ambulance Crew

Our medical flight staffs consisting or doctors, nurses, and paramedics are highly experienced in dealing with critical patients needing air ambulance services. They have an in-depth knowledge of the aviation physiology. The pilots who are part of our crew are highly experienced in the field.

Know About Our Fleet

We have air-conditioned, twin-engine planes furnished with latest medical devices and facilities ensuring full Intensive Care treatment at the time of emergency air transfer.


Why Choose Our Air Ambulance Services?

Want to know what makes our services so special? Eagar to understand what sets our services apart from the air ambulance services provided by other companies in Turkey? Here are some of the prime highlights:

  • Our top-notch air ambulance services have made us a leader among the many Turkish air ambulance service providers. We have successfully transported many critical patients who needed immediate medical care and saved their lives. We possess an enticing safety record.
  • The pilots and other members of our crew are seasoned professionals.
  • The doctors, nurses and other paramedical professionals working in our team are highly experienced. They have the knowledge of how to deal with critical patients during their emergency air transfer. They have CCU/ICU experience. They are experts in paediatric and neo-natal care.
  • We have a large number of aircrafts offering emergency medical transfer services.
  • You do not have to pay any hidden costs.

With our great fleet, master medical professionals and experienced crew members, we ensure that you are in the best hands at the time of medical air transfer. Reaching out to us is easy. You can give us a call and we will instantly respond to your needs.


Our Fleet


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